Up Close & Personal with It Girl Keke Palmer

KeKe Palmer is a triple threat. As an actress, musician and millennial-activist, we could not think of anyone else to be our next #ShoeDazzleGirl.

We are so excited to announce Keke Palmer as the freshest member of our #ShoeDazzleGirl squad with her debut collection!  Inspired by her bold sense of style, this boutique is all about when street meets sweet.  With 12 exclusive shoes and boots launching this October, channel your inner #queen and kick it like Keke with her must-haves for fierce feet.

You think you know her, but you have no idea


More than a modern day muse, KeKe is a movement maker, style shaker and changing the game one gag at a time. Not only is she taking over FX with her kick-ass character ZayDay on Scream Queens, but she tells her social story on SnapChat and Instagram to her 4 million followers.


We got to go behind-the-scenes with Keke on the set of the LookBook photo shoot and got the inside scoop.


Are you ready to kick it like Keke? Keep up with us on social for more exclusives from the collection, plus you can shop Keke’s boutique on October 1st!

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