We Can’t Get Enough Of You #ShoeDazzleGirl’s

We frequently troll the #ShoeDazzleGirl hashtag, and die from all of the pictures of our beautiful members in their shoes. We just can’t get enough of the #shoefies, #OOTD’s, and #GNO looks! We love them so much, that you could win $250 in shoe credits just for snapping a photo of you in your shoes. 

Wanna be the next #ShoeDazzleGirl? Here’s HOW TO ENTER:

Show us your #ShoeDazzleGirl style by snapping a picture of you in your shoes! Here’s how to enter:

  1. SNAP: Take a pic of your #ShoeDazzleGirl style.
  2. SHARE: Post it to Instagram.
  3. SUBMIT: Add #ShoeDazzleGirl and #ShoeDazzleSweeps to enter


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