Weaving The Way With Stylish Knits

During the crisp winter months, bundling up and still managing to feel radiant can be a challenge. The arsenal of bulky sweaters, big coats and pullovers can leave you feeling frumpy and devoured in fabric. Here are a few stylish pieces and tips that will keep you feeling fabulous while staying warm and comfortable.


Choosing a good knit can be tough until you invest in a classic patterned open fringe sweater that can be thrown over just about anything. The oversized Printed Fringe Sweater is my favorite sweater of the season. It’s geometric patterning and fringed hem makes it a staple wardrobe piece. To prevent from feeling swallowed by such a loose fitting sweater, I always recommend grabbing a pair of your skinny jeans or leggings. The Printed Fringe Sweater has just the right amount of fringe to be trendy without looking like you’re trying too hard.


The next best winter investment? The Mirla bootie. With its sweater knit cuff, these booties are fantastic for keeping your feet cozy throughout the winter. These stylish warm booties can be a substitute for other hefty items. So instead of grabbing for your thick uncomfortable winter socks and huge coat, reach for your Mirla booties to stay warm while simultaneously scaling up your entire ensemble. You could pair your Mirla booties with jeans or knitted tights. After all, there is no such thing as too much knit.



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