left to right: AJ, Audrey, and Katie

There are always two sides to every story! As we head into Gemini, the astrological sign of duality, the stylists would like to congratulate these ladies on their totally-trendy, two-sided looks! AJ pairs Gypsy with a denim pencil skirt and plaid peasant top for a look that is both casual and sleek. Topped off with a belt and some great shades, AJ’s outfit is vivacious and versatile. Audrey’s Safari wedges bring a sexy splash of attitude to her casual denim and cotton layers. Unexpected? Yes. Appreciated? Definitely. Katie highlights the pearl undertones of her ultra-glossy Fantasias with a cream, gauze top and matching cinch. The matte finishes in this outfit show off Fantasia’s softer side as well as Katie’s eye for detail!

These looks straddle the line between day and night, and the results are perfectly balanced. Ladies, you look fantastic!

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