Vegas, Baby! What to Wear & Where to Go


Happy Summer ShoeDazzle Girls! I’m Cielo Fronteras of @mermaidinheels. I am a Lifestyle Blogger, Makeup Artist, Jewelry Designer and Realtor. Yes, I am a jack of all trades. I like to keep busy and I feel very fortunate to be living in such an awesome city where I can do everything that I love to do… Las Vegas!

Summer is my favorite season. I was born and raised in the Philippines so I love warm weather!
That said, I’d love to show you my favorite things to do in Vegas during the summer.


I love relaxing by the pool. Of course, there is no place like home so I love lounging around the pool at my residential complex. There are a variety of pools you can also check out at The Strip hotels if you are not a local!

For pool time, I love this Convertible Multi Way Swimsuit that you can wear a multitude of ways paired with the Sunny Spot Sunglasses. The Cadalina wedges are perfect for a summer look and so comfortable too!

Of course, when in Vegas, you cannot miss the party scene! The Strip is the way to go where there are numerous day clubs and night clubs at the hotels where you can party like a rockstar!

I wanted to go for an edgy look so I wore this fierce Faux Leather One Shoulder Tank paired with the very unique Hadene heels. Just check out those flame details on this shoe! I love it!

I hope you like my Vegas styling and please do follow me on Instagram, @mermaidinheels for more fashion and makeup tips!

Stay Fabulous!


Photography by Jet Sabisch


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