What to Wear to a Summer Picnic

With summer in full force, it’s time to shake things up and escape to the great outdoors for a picnic. This is the perfect occasion to pull out the cute wedges, throw on a sun hat, and well… enjoy a fruity cocktail!

The outfit ideas are buzzing through your head, but the trick is finding the perfect outfit to get you through a long summer day. You mustn’t forget, the sun rays are pretty powerful, and the afternoons will be breezy; so be smart about it! Opt for a flowy skirt with a bright-colored top and the Turks sandals [Pictured above]. This look is sure to keep you comfortable, and totally permits playing bocce ball. Tip: bring a light cardigan to get you through those summer after-hours.

If you’re the gal that prefers the classic white trouser and checkered shirt combo, go for it! Nothing beats a pair of crisp, white-distressed jeans with the Molita wedges! If the afternoon turns into a long night, roll up the jeans to your ankle, throw on a silky tank top, and you have yourself a whole new look!


Tip #2 : Paint your toes coral or pink, and throw in a bright-colored lipstick!

You are now ready to enjoy a day of sun, drinks and quality time with friends and loved ones! Cheers!

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