When Mercury’s In Retrograde, Buy Shoes Based on Your Sign

Ever notice that when Mercury’s in retrograde, things can feel a little out of whack?! That said, if you want the full support of the stars while shopping for new kicks, consider calling on the cosmos and shopping according to your sign instead! Whether you’re on the hunt for something strappy, chunky, or a little casual, let this horoscope guide you stylishly through fall!

horoscope10_blog-image-aries_anARIES:  This month, channel your confidence and get social! To put it simple, it’s time to let enjoyment dominate your life. The ultra-sexy STEFFY boot in rust will help you (a determined Aries), make a major statement during upcoming social events.

horoscope10_blog-image-taurus_anTAURUS: This month, Taureans will have to face conflict between their inner selves and the world outside. For you, an adamant lover of high quality clothes, The ELVIA bootie in olive is a powerful boot perfect for approaching conflict in style!

horoscope10_blog-image-gemini_anGEMINI:  This month, your physical energy may be low. Finding comfort in home life, solitude, or informal settings will help your mood. For a perfectly casual, but ultra cool look, rock the LILIAN sneaker in red for an instant emotional recharge.

horoscope10_blog-image-cancer_anCANCER: The cautious, conservative side of your personality is clashing with the more outrageous and radical side this month, and the sultry DAMALI in Nude is the perfect expression of that.

horoscope10_blog-image-leo_anLEO:  When you aim at your romantic target this month, you’ll push any doubt and fear away – all while channeling your inner confidence. Nothing like the super-sleek CORTLYNN boots in taupe to ignite the confidence you need!

horoscope10_blog-image-virgo_anVIRGO:  The warmth you feel from friends will keep you in a fabulous mood this month. You’re gaining a whole new appreciation for the value that your friendships bring to your life. The ORLINDA pump in denim is the perfect companion piece for all your friend-filled happy hours and ladies’ night outs this month!

horoscope10_blog-image-libra_anLIBRA:  This month, you will be flattered and flirted-with and not even realize it! Contact the person sending those sexy vibes and find out what they are up to! If you’re both available, meet up! Throw on a little black number, and don’t leave home without the AMANDALYN heels in wine.

horoscope10_blog-image-scorpio_anSCORPIO:  Has your drive for success gone into overdrive? Stay aggressive in your goals, and crush your days in the MAYSI boots in Cognac, but at the same time be mindful that not everyone else has the level of stamina that you have.

horoscope10_blog-image-sagittarius_anSAGITTARIUS:  There is an exciting surprise coming your way this month, and it’s going to push a few of your carefully-made plans off the track, but you’ve been hoping for more spontaneous energy in your life, so this will be a very good thing! This is a great month to try a new style and leave an outdated one far behind with the ALBA boots in Bordeaux.

horoscope10_blog-image-capricorn_anCAPRICORN: The key this month is to stay open-minded. Don’t be afraid and take risks, starting with the ARYN suede boots in taupe. Today you need to move forward with purpose, even if you don’t know what that purpose is.

horoscope10_blog-image-aquarius_anAQUARIUS:  Your routine used to feel boring, but right now it feels cozy and calming. You’ll be ready to welcome a new challenge soon enough, but right now the tried and true feels too good to stop. So for a comfy, chic, and classic look, get yourself the NYOMI tennis shoe in red.

horoscope10_blog-image-pisces_anPISCES: This month you will be the star in someone’s life, whether you know it or not, and you’ll want the perfect pair of shoes for the occasion! When you’re in a social situation, you should step out onto center stage, and give your best performance in the ADRIENNE strappy pump in Rust!

Were we spot-on with your ‘scope? Sound off in the comment section below!


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