The stylists have been working so hard to fulfill your alternate requests that they haven’t been able to sort through the Wrap Up submissions and they haven’t been able to select a shoe for Work It Wednesday. Instead, they asked me to “figure it out.” Consider it figured. Welcome to Work It Wrap Up! I know; I’m clever.

Left to Right: Anna’s Stevies add a little shine to her outfit. BTW: pocket tanks are going to be a summer staple, so stock up. Also, oversized scarves are the new cardigans—just saying. The Muse isn’t really a dainty shoe, but if you pair her with sheer fabrics and long jewelry, like Sophie did, you’ll achieve a look that’s both edgy and soft. Liz proves that Ginny is a stellar “casual” heel, adding height and drama to cargo Capris and a basic top.

Let’s be honest, this month is one of the craziest—that’s why all my blog posts have referenced the mayhem of June—and yet, these ShoeDazzle ladies still manage to get up in the morning and put together some Dazzle-worthy outfits before driving to work. Meanwhile, I’m selecting outfits from a laundry basket in a room that qualifies as a disaster area mere moments before beginning my commute. Hey: You win some; you lose some; and sometimes you embrace the fact that you can get away with horrible hair if you have the right hat. Happy halfway-through-the-work-week!

Richy T. – working for Kyle this Wednesday.

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