WorkIt Wednesday! Crushing on Cori.

Meet the coolest Cori we know.  She’s also our digital asset manager here.

1.  Hi Cori!  How’s it going? What’s your typical day like?

A typical day consists of editing photos, color checking/organizing product photos, uploading images to the website, etc.  I coordinate the photo team to make sure we hit all of our retouch deadlines for product, lookbooks and various other campaigns to make sure the photos look good and consistent!

2.  That’s a lot of photos!  You have the coolest heterochromatic eyes ever.  How many people ask you about that every day?


3.  You seem to really enjoy photography.  What’s your favorite subject to photograph?

I think fog is my most favorite subject.  Fog makes everything look awesome.

4.  Fill in the blank.  My most favorite thing to do is ___.


5.  Favorite rap song?

Tough question.  I think I’ll go with Topback by T.I.  I like my beat down low…

6.  Plans for the holiday?

Heading back to Michigan to spend time with my family.

 7.  Sounds lovely.  Michigan is great!  Lastly, the best thing about working for ShoeDazzle is ___.

Trying on shoes!

Cori’s wearing Proud.

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