WorkIt Wednesday! Meet Lauren O.

Say hello to Lauren.  She’s one of our coolest graphic designers here.

Hi Lauren!  Describe yourself in 5 words for us.

Expert-bruncher, daydream believer, art-nerd, foodie, Rothko Fan.

2.  What do you turn to for inspiration?

I like the newest, freshest, weirder things. I love to cruise my friend’s blog Trendland for the latest in everything including music. When I need an inspiration lift, I watch the Dior film called “Lasting Impressions“. It’s a fashion film about a girl running through Versailles in Dior Couture to Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy the Silence”. Definitely watch it!

3.  Graphic designing isn’t easy.  Any tips for the graphic-designing-impaired?

Hmm graphic design tips…
(1) In any design stick to using only one to three different fonts, it makes it look much more professional. (2) Stay away from text effects like drop-shadows and outer-glows, stuff can go bad real quick! (3) Only work on projects you love.

4.  When you’re not at work you’re …

…with my After School Special Club.  My girlfriends and I started a club where we delve into a new hobby each month. This month we did rock climbing. Side note: Rock-climbing gyms are full of handsome rugged boys.

5.  We heard you have a cat with a pretty rad name.  Care to tell us the details?

We named him Leonardo DiCatrio. Yes, it’s ridiculous.

6.  What’s your favorite city and why?

Paris! The parks, the food, le petit cafés, the metro. I just don’t think you can have a bad day in Paris.

7.  Favorite things about the city you live in?

I live in Venice, the best part about living there is it’s the only part of Los Angeles where its actually easier to walk or ride a bike and we have tons of little cool shops and cafes. Taking the driving out of the LA lifestyle is a major plus!

8.  What are the first three things you learned on the job that you didn’t learn in school?

1. The fashion industry is not as glamorous as it looks.  It’s hard, fast-paced work but that’s why it is so addictive and fun. 2. Make sure the company you work for is a good culture fit for YOU.  ShoeDazzle is full of fun, creative, intelligent people so I love working (and playing) with everybody here. 3. Take risks with your creative projects, throw tons of new ideas out there until something sticks.

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