WorkIt Wednesday! Meet the lovable Duke.

1. Hey Duke!  How’s your day been?

To be honest, it’s a little ruff (pun intended) since the holidays and New Year’s Eve parties were so fun. I really love sleeping in so today feels like a Monday…I’m a little grumpy.

2.  That’s OK.  We think everyone’s a little tired today.  Next to making everyone’s day at work, what are some of the other perks about being a dog at the job?

I’m surrounded by hot models who lavish attention on me all day long! Also, there are tons of oversized handbags everywhere that I can take naps on or in.

3.  Now that doesn’t sound bad at all.  Let’s talk about your human dad, Henry.  We all know he’s a great photographer, but what’s he like?  Does he ever make you steaks for dinner?

Henry is the best dad in the entire world. He always takes me on adventures in his fast car and makes sure that I am well-fed and and getting plenty of fresh air. I like to think that I help him out on photo shoots by helping break the ice and making everyone laugh with my antics.

4.  We bet you’ll get extra treats once Henry reads this!  Next to sleeping, what’s your favorite past-time activity?

I enjoy long walks on the beach, playing games on Henry’s iPad, and listening to good tunes like “Take a Walk” by Passion Pit. It’s also very nice to have the New York Times read aloud to me (I really like Wednesday’s Dining & Wine section!). Most of my day is spent trying to get people to feed me snacks. Do you have any food?

5.  Don’t worry, you’ll get a snack once we’re done.  What’s your favorite kind of shoe?

High-top sneakers! I gotta get cool kicks like my dad’s so we can match (have you seen my blue zip-up hoodie?!) and go running together.

6.  That’s what we thought but figured we should double check.  Now, fill in the blank.  The best part about being a dog is ___.

How easy it is to get people to love me. Also, the snacks.

7.  Would you rather…chase after a squirrel or a cat?

Cats are my sworn enemy, but I try not to pay too much attention to them. Seriously, what sort of animal gets itself STUCK IN A TREE and needs rescuing? Lame, right? Squirrels and I are cool.

8.  Last one.  What’s your favorite treat?

I really like hamburgers, but I only get a nibble or two of them once in awhile.  Dad says they’re not good for my health, but he’s always having hamburger cook-off contests.  Oh, and anything with bacon!

We’re excited to eat!

Let’s go for a run.  Shop:  sneaker wedges


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