WorkIt Wednesday! Say hello to Ashley and Debbie.

Meet our wardrobe stylists with the magic touch.  Check out our interview with the gorgeous Ashley and her equally beautiful assistant Debbie.    

 1.  Ashley and Debbie, how did you two become stylists?

Ashley:  I studied Graphic Design at Otis Collge of Art and Desgin, hated the desk but loved working on fashion spreads.  That job exposed me to styling and Ta-Da!

Debbie:  I went to school for apparel manufacturing, got tired of design and started assisting stylists and the rest is history.

2.  Well put.  Now, who is your fashion icon?

A:  Of all time, Audrey Hepburn.  Currently, Miroslava Duma.  She’s petite like me and is super inspiring in the way she puts things together.

D:  Rihanna.  She’s the perfect mix of street and high fashion.

3.  What’s currently on your playlists?  (They did a combo play list.  How cute is that?)

Do You — Miguel

Genesis — Grimes

1991 — Azealia Banks

Heartbreaker — Crazy P

Anything Kendrick Lamar

4.  Where’s your next travel destination?

A:  Miami for New Years.

D:  Mexico City for New Years.

5.  Well that sounds like guaranteed fun!  Last, but definitely not least, describe your style in three words.

A:  A bit timeless, minimal and moody

D:  Graphic, street and refined

Thanks you two!  It’s always a pleasure!

On Ashely:  Carine

On Debbie:  Kirie


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