WorkIt Wednesday! Talking with Tam.

1. Hi Tam! You’re one of our resident copywriters, and quite frankly, one of the funniest people we know. When did you realize you had a certain “calling,” if you will, to write?

It first occurred to me that I might have a writing problem when I couldn’t resist fixing grammatically incorrect signs, menus, and cereal boxes while in elementary school. Yup, I was a joy to be around. I was also addicted to winning essay contests, probably because I knew that I’d never win a swim meet or become an Olympic gymnast.

2.  What are some of your favorite things about working at ShoeDazzle?

I get to concept and brainstorm new ideas with an incredibly talented and awesomely quirky team nearly every single day. We work together on new and inspiring campaigns and push each other to be better creatives. I’m really lucky in that I can combine my love of good copy/marketing and fashion/pop culture with my love of typography and design. We even have a cool resident dog to play with in the Photo Studio!

3.  The ever so adorable Duke!  Now, let’s talk about YOUR BAND.  Wartime Recitals. Tell us about it.

We started Wartime Recitals in the summer of 2010 because we all missed writing/playing music and wanted a personal project. Half of my band was in high school marching band together (Taylor Swift is wrong—guys do not often find the band geek more attractive than the cheerleader); I was also in a high school pop-punk band with our drummer. I play the glockenspiel (like the xylophone but smaller) and sing along with our lead singer/guitarist. Our band consists of me and five awesome guys who love writing good music and rocking out together. We’ve been described as the love child of Arcade Fire, Local Natives, and Ben Folds Five, but you can decide that for yourself. Listen to and download our songs at

4.  You are a busy woman!  If you were a shoe, what kind of shoe would you be?

I’d be a cool lace-up Oxford or the old-school Converse sneaker. Vintage meets modern, a style that can be dressed up or dressed down. Definitely laid-back, a little retro, and without a crazy-high heel. I like to be prepared in case there’s a fire drill or emergency situation that involves running (example: zombie apocalypse, angry bears). I would prefer not to run down flights of stairs or scale a fence in heels.

5.  Who’s going to be your New Year’s kiss?  Do we get to know?  🙂

There’s a lot of pressure leading up to that moment! I never kiss and tell. Why, are you volunteering?

6.  Well, guess we’ll have to follow up in January!  😉  Since you’re a writer, what’s your favorite & least favorite word?

I have a soft spot for funny-sounding, old-timey words like “shenanigans” and “bumbershoot.” This may not count for least favorite words, but I can’t handle it when people use the wrong form of words like “your” and “you’re” or “it’s” and “its.” The word “moist” is also super awkward. Please don’t ever use that word.

7.  Tomato or to-ma-to?

That’s a a very personal choice, but I’m pretty sure you can’t get away with saying “toh-mah-to” unless you’re wearing a tiara and have a royal title.

Thanks Tam!

Her shoes:   You’re just going to have to wait until January!  😉


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