Wrap Me Up

Nail ArtThe newest notch in the evolution of manicures is the nail wrap trend. If you haven’t tried them yet I hope this post will put them on your radar. A distant cousin to minx; nail wraps are an effortless way to achieve artistic nails. They can either be applied at home or at a salon, and come in a variety of different styles.

I recently got wrapped at Candy Paint LA, inside Melody Ehsani’s flagship store in Los Angeles. The process was extremely simple. You pick out a set, and after a basic manicure each wrap, which is similar to a sticker, is applied and topped with a coat of gel nail polish. The wraps can endure a lot, but are prone to peeling if you use your hands a lot. We recommend styling wraps with a multi-finger ring like Spiked Out, and Spell on You or a bracelet like Spike a Pose.

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