Quiz Alert: What’s Your Baecation Destination?

Planning a spring vacay with your bae but unsure of where to go? Take the quick quiz below to discover your dream destination (and the perfect pair to wear when you get there!).

When it comes to vacation, what do you look for?

A: Warm weather, margaritas, and a poolside lounge chair!

B: I’m all about adventure, baby!

C: New people and culture. I love learning something when I’m away.

D: The nightlife! I love nothing more than letting loose!

E: Good restaurants, shops, and sightseeing.

To me, vacation style consists of:

A: A cover-up, bikini, and some sandals!

B: Flowy dresses and strappy sandals.

C: Bright, bold colors, and beachy, tousled locks.

D: mini dresses! The shorter the better.

E: skinnies, flannels, and super-chic booties.

My go-to travel essential is:

A: a killer bikini!

B: the perfect floppy hat.

C: My dancing shoes!

D: my lucky lipstick, of course.

E: my trusty camera. I don’t leave home without it. 

 My favorite travel companion is:

A: My beau of the moment, of course!

B: My family. The more, the merrier.

C: My closest girlfriend.

D: My entire crew. Poppin’ bottles at the club is what we do best.

E: My main squeeze. I love nothing more exploring with him.

How do you prep for vacation?

A: a fresh wax!

B: a spray tan!

C: a flawless mani/pedi.

D: A killer blowout.

E: I make room on my iPhone for all the photos I know I’ll be taking!


You’re a beach babe at heart who loves nothing more than lounging by the pool and only getting up to make a quick stop at the bar for a skinny margarita. Your outfit choices consist of playful pops of color, and in your book, a floppy hat is always necessary.



Vacation to you is all about exploring a new, exciting city. That said, you need a shoe that’ll pair well with flowy dress and some round sunnies. Kaimi is designed to take you from the café to the coliseum in the most comfortable way possible.


Your vacation style is spicy and sexy. Whether you’re salsa dancing at 2AM or strolling down the street with a drink in hand before dinner, Faydra is your new BFF thanks to her bold bright hue and playful pattern throughout.

FAYDRA-DA1720514-4795_D_Foot-originalMOSTLY D’S // MIAMI – ANALIZA

When it comes to vacation, you love nothing more than letting loose and hitting the clubs. We know you have your LBDs picked out, but we highly recommend pairing your short black dresses with Analiza, a bright and fun strappy stiletto.

ANALIZA-DA1720509-3641_A_SIDE-HERO-originalMOSTLY E’S – NYC // NERI

There’s nothing like a trip to the east coast to liven up your life. Get city sophistication on your next getaway with Neri, an ankle strap pump with major style points. A chunky heel keeps things comfortable when you’re walking to that hot spot and a striped print adds some major personality.


Ready to book your flight? Share where you’re headed in the comment section below!


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