Your Zodiac Sign’s Perfect Summer Pedi Pair

Gemini:  If you’re a Gemini, you might like a little of this, and a little of that (no one is calling you indecisive). We love your multifaceted-ness, which is why your perfect shoe of the summer is the Lola two strap slide in Tan/Chartreuse. Just like you, this shoe’s got a wild side and a chilled-out side, so for Gemini’s mani-pedi we are loving this spin on the classic French tip with a fun splash of chartreuse across the top!

Cancer: We get cozy vibes from Cancer, who is all about comfort. Cancer requires the shoe perfect for walking a beachside town and enjoying the sun all day long. The Leoni wedge in Nude is exactly. So kick back, Cancer, and get to relaxing. Cancer keeps it cool, calm, and collected with an all-white mani pedi!

Leo: You are one passionate girl, Leo! Your shoes carry you through your dynamic adventures, out dancing and painting the town red. We see you in the Riza Ankle Wrap Sandal, it’s sexy for multiple reasons, but especially the stiletto heel, the ankle wrap, and that silky red! For your nails, you’ll need something just as wild and passionate as you—what says passion more than this red ombre mani-pedi?

Virgo: It’s not like you’re Type A or anything, but you definitely like things a certain way. A little perfection never hurt anybody! You are Miss Put Together and the Karen Block Heeled Sandal is perfect for taking care of business, as you always are. We love how polished and put together a light blue mani-pedi is, and that is so you, Virgo!

Libra:  You are the queen of fairness and balancing, the symbol for Libra is the scales of balance. So this color block strappy heel is very balanced with a beautiful nude and off-white combo that makes it perfect for a day out with your best girls! We are loving mustard and golden yellows for the summer, and yellow is the color of friendship, which is so much of what you stand for!

Scorpio: You are known for being the sexiest and most mysterious sign of them all! Jensan Buckled Heeled Sandal in Blush Snake is your perfect shoe, the blush pink is just as romantic as you can be and the snake gives it that mystery that is so unique to you. For your mani-pedi, there is no color as intriguing and shrouded in mystery than Lincoln Park After Dark by O.P.I. This color looks black in some lighting and a deep purple in other lighting, just like you, it’s tough to figure out.

Sagittarius: You just can’t be tied down, Sag! You are the free spirit, the traveler to faraway exotic places. You need a shoe that can transform in different occasions and give you the freedom to go anywhere and do anything your heart so chooses. That shoe is the Shantel Block Heeled Sandal in Nude Mutli—the bright accents of orange and pink are a good reminder of your tendency to do the unexpected. For you, this ombre neon orange is exactly the type of excitement you’re looking for in your travels, and it’ll pair well with the Shantel Block Heeled Sandal. 

Capricorn: Cap, you are straight to the point and determined. Aimee in Chartreuse is that shoe with angles in all the right places and the bold color packs a punch. This is shoe you can strut in on your way to conquer the next big challenge!For a hint of your seriousness, your perfect pedi balances out the bright Aimee in Chartreuse with a deep navy.

Aquarius: You’re our eccentric girl, Aquarius! Your out-of-the-box thinking and open minded view on things has served you well, and you serve looks in the Amora Flatform Espadrille Wedge in White! This shoe mixes materials and a truly unique way, and now would be more fit to flaunt in than you!  A little peach mani-pedi with the added interest of a metallic French tip accentuates your quirkiness and trendetting nature.

Pisces: You’re the water sign, artistic, whimsical, and idealistic, your vision things is one we’d love to see too—it’s without a doubt aesthetically pleasing! Pisces, your go-to shoe is the Charli Slip on Heel in Black Multi with its artistic print and asymmetrical structure. Tropical Ocean is a big color this June (stay tuned), so get your mani-pedi in this nautical tint, then go out there and work it, Pisces!

Aries:  Mirror, mirror, on the wall.. who’s the fieriest of them all? It’s the Ram, Aries. You are bold, daring, and confident, A.K.A. the Jasmyn Platform Pump in Fuchsia Multi. This sky-high platform heel could only be slayed by someone as fierce as you. A mani-pedi in Shoedazzle pink and you’re ready to take on whatever you get yourself into!

Taurus: You don’t always get your credit where it’s due, Taurus. You’re not lazy, you’re just chill. Your perfect shoe is the Falicia Embellished Slide Sandal in Yellow Snake that you can slide on really quickly and pause your Netflix binge to find your next snack. Let’s be honest, that’s what it’s all about! Your cool energy couldn’t be better complemented than by a matte black mani-pedi with a glossy French tip.

Are these summer shoes and mani-pedis in your horoscope? Sound off and let us know your sign in the comment section below!

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