5 Things to Do On Leap Day

A very special day is coming up soon! Leap day means that we have an extra day of fabulous February to do whatever we’d like to do. The best part? Our 2020 Leap Day lands on the best day of the week: Saturday. Have you ever thought about what you might do with an extra Saturday? We’ve got a few ideas!

#1: Organize Your Closet

Every fashionista has a closet filled with her go-to shoes, bags, clothes, and accessories. If we’re being honest, sometimes the hustle and bustle of a few too many mornings where we’re running late can land our favorite place in a tough spot. An extra Saturday is the perfect chance to get busy creating a perfectly organized closet. With all of your faves in the right place, your outfits are bound to be on point all spring!

#2: Catch Up with Your Girls at Brunch

What’s better than quality time with your besties? Leap Day is a great day to take it from the group chat to an IRL meet up with your fave ladies! Catching up on everyone’s life updates and laughing with your girls over a few (okay, bottomless!) mimosas will definitely leave you feeling refreshed and ready for whatever comes your way the next week! 

#3: Treat Yourself 

It’s important to always make time for YOU and the queen that you are. Sometimes, life gets a little hectic and it can be easy to forget to show some love to the one who deserves it most—you! Take a solo trip to your favorite day spa for a facial or massage, or treat yourself to a mani/pedi in preparation for the warmer weather ahead in sandal season! 

#4: Do Some Shopping

Leap Day could quite possibly be the perfect day to sit back, relax, crack open your laptop and get to shopping. (Okay, this might be the same as treating yourself, but it’s so important, we said it twice!). You’ll definitely find some great deals—like our one-day-only Leap Day sale for VIPs! What better day to stock up on spring style than Leap Day?

#5:  Work Towards a Goal

It can be really hard to keep at it when it comes to New Year’s Resolutions and by the end of February, we start slowing down. This extra day is the perfect opportunity to get back on track and take even a small step towards working on the bigger plans you have for yourself!     

What are you doing with your extra Leap Day Saturday? Let us know in the comments below.  And don’t forget to shop our Leap Day sale on 2/29/20 ONLY!

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