Wear It, Drink It, Love It! #RoséAllDay

Looking to mix up your tired red and white wine routine? Give their flirty cousin rosé a try!

Rosé is classy, light and best served with a side of tea (not the kind the queen’s are into) during girls’ night. Of course, us #ShoeDazzleGirl’s always have to go all out, so we created this Grapefruit Spritzer, centered around this pink piece of heaven.

To recreate our yummy concoction, you’re going to need:

1 Bottle of chilled ONEHOPE Rosé

3 Cans of sparkling grapefruit water

2 grapefruits (cut into eights)

1 Cup of ice

1/2 Cup of raspberries

1/2 of fresh mint leaves


There you have it Dazzlers…an easy and delicious refresher for when you need a pick me up, or something to toast with when your ladies come over.

Comment below and tell us what you think of our mixology skills!



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Favoured Verona
Favoured Verona

How can I get some of these shoes to buy. Can you inbox me please

Maddison Carney
Maddison Carney

Kayla Lever Andrea Tynski add some vodka and I could have a new sangria \U0001f914

Anna Lopez
Anna Lopez

Awww \U0001f648 was it because of the wine or the shoe company?? Or both?? \U0001f64alol